Agricultural chemicals have existed for many years and were originally introduced to protect valuable crops from pests. Over the centuries, improvements have reduced the environmental impact of these chemicals. Thousands and thousands of chemists at leading firms around the world are still working to get the best possible product with the least possible impact. At IFC we offer biomass-based chemicals from renewable resources that contribute to better products for our farmers and for our society. For example, furfural derivatives are used in environmentally benign, biodegradable solvents for agrochemical formulations (biocides, pesticides).


The furfural production process

Naturally occurring and readily replenishable agricultural residues like sugarcane bagasse (a byproduct of sugarcane harvesting), corn cobs, wood products or cereal byproducts such as the hulls of cotton seed, oats and rice make up a huge renewable feedstock for furfural production.

Building new business
I'm excited about building new business based on derivative technologies from a single chemical platform.

Anil Nejal

Director Finance & Control


Think and act sustainably: the IFC way

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