For over 40 years, furfuryl alcohol has been used to produce cores and moulds for metal casting. This renewable chemical is the major ingredient in furan foundry binders, including:


  1. Furan NO-BAKE, an acid-catalysed cold-setting binder used for metal moulds and larger cores
  2. Furan HOT BOX, using furan resins in combination with latent acid catalysts, and the subsequent WARM BOX process developed for rapid production of cores at lower temperatures in existing hot box equipment
  3. Furan SO2, a gas-hardened binder system for the rapid production of small moulds and cores at room temperature


The furfural production process

Naturally occurring and readily replenishable agricultural residues like sugarcane bagasse (a byproduct of sugarcane harvesting), corn cobs, wood products or cereal byproducts such as the hulls of cotton seed, oats and rice make up a huge renewable feedstock for furfural production.

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I'm excited about building new business based on derivative technologies from a single chemical platform.

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