2-Methylfuran is a direct derivative of furfural produced by a high-temperature hydrogenolysis reaction. It is used as a chemical intermediate for a number of pharmaceutical products by means of ring opening, substitution and rearrangement reactions, and is the sole raw material for the industrial production of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran.


2-Methylfuran in practice

2-Methylfuran is a furfural derivative obtained by a high-temperature hydrogenolysis reaction. It has applications as an intermediate for other chemicals and pharmaceuticals, including antimalarial drugs and perfumes. As an oxygenated fuel additive, it has potential as a next-gen drop-in biofuel.



Chemical name 2-Methylfuran
CAS number 534-22-5
2-Methylfuran purity (%) min. 99.2
Furfural content (%) max. 0.5
Moisture content (wt%) max. 0.1
Peroxides (as O2) content (mol/kg) max. 0.2
Specific Gravity (20©/4©) 0.913/0.916
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