As a natural raw material to a range of furan-based chemicals and solvents, furfural and its derivatives have been extensively used in a range of industries. The direct conversion into furfuryl alcohol, methylfuran and furan via metal-catalyzed hydrogenation, reduction and decarbonylation positions furfural as a strategic and ultimate industrial source for the production of a wide range of derivatives.


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Furfural in practice

Furfural has an aromatic odour reminiscent of almonds. This biomass-based chemical is a hetero-aromatic aldehyde with exceptional physical properties. Applications include:

  • selective solvent in refining lubricating oils to produce high-quality motor oil with improved temperature-viscosity properties
  • decolourizing agent to refine crude wood rosin
  • purification of C4 and C5 hydrocarbons for manufacturing synthetic rubber
  • reactive solvent and excellent wetting agent in manufacturing abrasive wheels, brake linings and refractory products for the steel industry
  • chemical feedstock for furfuryl alcohol and other derivatives

The furfural production process: from renewable sugarcane to sustainable chemicals



Chemical name 2-Furaldehyde
Furfural purity (%) min. 99.0
Acidity (mEq/L) max. 20
Acidity (mg KOH/g) max. 0.96
Moisture content (wt%) max. 0.2
Residue (wt%) max. 0.50
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