Furfuryl Alcohol

Since the introduction of furan NO-BAKE foundry binders, furfuryl alcohol has grown to the highest-volume derivative of furfural. The world’s biggest and most effective furfural hydrogenation plant, located near Antwerp (Belgium), is operated by IFC’s sister company TransFurans Chemicals, producing over 40,000 MT annually. Besides the application in foundry Furfuryl Alcohol can be used as a precursor for further derivatives such as THFA and Furfuryl Alcohol Resins, in wood modification and in flavours & fragrances.


Furfuryl alcohol production

Furfuryl Alcohol is produced by the hydrogenation of Furfural, bio-sourced from the bagasse of sugar cane. Learn more about the production process of Furfuryl Alcohol from this agricultural waste stream.



Chemical name 2-Furanmethanol
CAS number 98-00-0
Furfuryl Alcohol purity (%) min. 98.0
Furfural content (%) max. 0.7
Moisture content (%) max. 0.3
Cloud Point (%) max. 10
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